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A New Look.  Active Marine Mazatlan Gets a Makeover


A New Look. Active Marine Mazatlan Gets a Makeover

The past month has been exhausting for our hard working Active Marine Mazatlan crew.  In the midst of it all they used their lunch break yesterday to get the new signs up.  And they look great!  Let us know what you think and we will get more photos up when the new uniforms come in.

active marine mazatlan new shop front april 2014


The Story of Active Marine Mazatlan - From a Customers View


The Story of Active Marine Mazatlan - From a Customers View

With over 15 years of experience working for the most iconic yacht repair service in Mazatlan Active Marine is taking over where Total Yacht Works left off.  This is their story...

active marine mazatlan humble beginnings

Active Marine is a story is about a group of highly qualified boat repair and service technicians in Mazatlan, Mexico.  Until recently, they worked for the most successful repair center in the region. Unfortunately, a dispute between the owner and former partner lead to an iconic and reputable business shutting it's doors.  The closure left some of the most skilled workers in the region wondering how they would take care of their of their own families.  Thanks to their perseverance and some assistance from valued and trusting customers they are back in business and ready to write a new chapter.  The story is best told by their first customer who's boat is the namesake for Active Marine Mazatlan.

“The story is best told by the first customer who’s boat is the namesake for Active Marine Mazatlan.”

Active Marine Services Rises from the Ashes of Total Yacht Works - By John (Active Transport)

The photo at the top of this blog entry shows the team of workers who are former Total Yacht Works employees. Without the dust having settled on the problems we faced these folks forged ahead and took good care of us. From left to right the guys are Victor (painting Manager, David (mechanic) Ernesto (painter), Roberto (parts) Scott (gringo) and Margarito.

"The photo was taken under the bow of Active Transport with the travel lift in place to pick the boat up and drop it back in the water.

Since the events described in this blog post this team has established a new business to take over where total yacht works left off. They have rented the shop from Fonatur, the yard owner, and have named the business Active Marine Services.

Despite all the issues we have had with our haul out and repairs I would not hesitate to use this team again. They did not cause the problems but they sure fixed them.

The team stepped up to the plate for us and got our work finished without any shortcuts. I'm very confident in their capabilities and do not hesitate to recommend Active Marine Services to cruisers who come after us.

I also want to make it clear that we have no interest in this business despite the name they selected. We just want to share our positive experience with these men. " 

active marine mazatlan active transport engine

The preceding is an excerpt from the full story which can be found at  The team here at Active Marine would like to extend their appreciation to John and Shawn for their understanding and the faith that they had in the crew. 

Active Transport

Engine after repaint

 Active Marine Service is a team of experts specializing in full service repair and restoration for both Powerboats and Sailboats.

  • Bottom Painting
  • Blister and Hull Damage Repairs
  • Deck Restorations
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Plumbing & Electrical systems
  • Cabin, Topside, & Mast Painting
  • Woodwork & Carpentry
  • Upholstery 

Active Marine Sales specializes in sales and brokerage of both Powerboats and Sailboats of all makes & models.

  Whatever your job, Active Marine will go out of their way to exceed your expectations on all levels.

Team Active Marine